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How to learn English efficiently and fluently, without studying:

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Hello everyone! I made this post because almost everybody studies languages inside-out these days. People learn to read and write first and then learn to speak and do not focus on their listening until the end. 

Speaking so much before doing any listening leads us to develop strong accents and countless speech errors. And people learn with translation which makes them spend twice as long recalling or understanding a word as they have to translate it in their head first.

The Linguist J Marvin Brown found the most success has come from learners who focused on getting comprehensible input—listening practice entirely in their target language, where they can understand 70% or more of it, but not all of it. Other linguists including Steven Krashen and William T. Powers had theorized this idea before.

Learners who exclusively used comprehensible input not only understood more, but also spoke with perfect grammar and little to no accent and became fluent much faster.

Advanced learners can understand 70% or more of Youtube videos and TV shows and use them as comprehensible input. However, there is almost no comprehensible input at all for English beginners.

That’s why I have started a Youtube channel that teaches English from the beginning using comprehensible input. I was inspired by a channel that does the same thing for Spanish, Dreaming Spanish. I use lots of images and gestures so you can understand even if you speak no English. 

Here is a the most recent video. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend you start by watching the first video.

Please let me know if there are other topics you would like me to make a natural English learning video about!

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