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jubilarse v jubilarme


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Hello -  estoy aprendiendo español.    I'm new to this forum. This is the first question I'm asking.

I want to be able to say, "after I retire, I want to travel the country.", in Spanish.   "después de jubilarse..."     Is this correct?  Also I struggle with reflexive verbs and the concept. In this case is jubilarse is reflexive correct?  Since I'm talking about myself and retiring, shouldn't it be will be jubilarme?  If not, why not?
Muchas gracias
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Hello Harold,

When we say jubilarse is for he or she: "Él/Ella quiere jubilarse este año", but when you're telling that you are going to retire, we use jubilarme: "Este año (yo) voy a jubilarme", and if you have already retired, we use the word jubilado for male and jubilada for female.

We have another synonims to refer to retirement, but this one is the best choice.

¡Espero haberte ayudado! :smile:


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