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守株待兔 (Shǒuzhūdàitù)


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守株待兔 (Shǒuzhūdàitù) - Wait and do nothing

Literal meaning - Wait for rabbit to come.

Once upon a time during the Warring States, there lived a farmer. He was very lazy and always lamented, "Isn't nice if I can eat without having to work so hard." As he was working on his field a rabbit appeared. The rabbit, for reasons unknown headed straight for a giant tree and died hitting it. The farmer saw this and went over to find that dinner is served so he thought to himself, "Why do I need to work so hard when all I have to do is wait here everyday for a rabbit to kill itself."

So he waited, and waited ... and waited but no rabbits ever came. In the end, the farmer died of starvation.

守株待兔 (Shǒuzhūdàitù) is used to describe a person that refuses to do anything to get something.


"你在這裡『守株待兔』是沒用的, 喜歡人家就去追啊"

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