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鵲巢鳩佔 (Què cháo jiū zhān)


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鵲巢鳩佔 (Què cháo jiū zhān) - To take others properties or belongings.

Literal meaning - Magpie's nest Dove takes

This one is a folklore that goes like this. A magpie worked hard to build a nest for itself and its youngs. One day while it was raining, the mother magpie saw a dove trying to find shelter so the magpie offered to take the dove in until the rain stops. The next day while the magpie flew out to look for food, the dove threw the magpie's babies out. The mother returned, realised what had happened and confronted the dove,  "Why did you kick out my boys? I let you into my nest and this is how you repay me!" The dove replied, "Your nest??? Where's the proof? Is your name written on it? Get lost!" Seeing that the dove is larger than the her, the mother had no choice but to leave with her babies.

鵲巢鳩佔 (Què cháo jiū zhān) is used when describing someone who forcefully takes other people's belongings.


"這個位子是屬於我的, 你想「鵲巢鳩佔」嗎?"

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