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狼狽為奸 (Lángbèiwéijiān)


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狼狽為奸 (Lángbèiwéijiān) - To conspire together to do bad things.

狽(bèi) according to Chinese legends is a kind of wolf than has short front legs, they usually lean on the back of the wolf to travel. I don't know that it's called in English.

Literally means - Wolf and (bèi) do bad.

This is another Chinese folklore where one time while a boy was travelling down a road, he was ambushed by a pack of wolves. In order to save himself he ran atop a bush of dry straws and stood there. The wolves had no idea how to reach the boy so they consulted their advisor, a (bèi). The advisor scold the wolves, "You idiots, do I have to do everything myself? Just take away the straws and he will fall!" The boy saw that the wolves are taking away the straw and began to scream loudly for help. A group of hunters nearby heard the screams and rushed in to kill the wolves and saved the boy.

狼狽為奸 (Lángbèiwéijiān) is used to describe people that conspire together to do bad things just like how the wolf needs a bèi's intelligence while it needs the wolf to walk.


"你明知他不是好人, 你還跟他一起「狼狽為奸」合起來陷害我!"

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