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濫竽充數 (Lànyúchōngshù)


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濫竽充數 (Lànyúchōngshù) - To pretend to be good at something they are not.

濫竽 - Fake talent 充數 - fill up numbers

During the Warring States, 齊宣王(King Xuan of Qi) enjoyed listening to music and each time he listened to music he'll have an orchestra to perform for him. One day, a musician named 南郭 (Nánguō) claimed that he is a fantastic musician and wished to join the royal orchestra. King Xuan wasn't a very bright person so without first testing Nánguō he hired him and gave him first class wage. The truth was Nánguō was no musician, he was just pretending to be one. Because it was an orchestra no one noticed that Nánguō was only pretending, no music actually came out from him. He managed to slip past everytime until after the death of King Xuan. King Xuan's son who took the reign happened to love music as well but he preferred solo performances. Nánguō had no choice but to run away from the castle realizing that he could no longer bluff.

濫竽充數 (Lànyúchōngshù) is used to describe a person that pretends to be something he clearly is not, it can also be used to say a cheap thing disguised as quality material.


"不用裝了, 「濫竽充數」, 根本就不是你在唱."

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