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Make Sense of Spanish Grammar

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Grammar Grizzly (http://grammargrizzly.com) is a website that  that helps Spanish language learners, make sense and simplify learning grammar by showing you what and when you need to learn or revise a grammar point with endless examples and explanations. 

Learning a language takes a lot if time, effort and strategy, while also being pretty expensive. Most of online resources focus on vocabulary and helping picking up few sentences for particular settings. Which feels good when you first apply it, but could be a pain I there is a gap in your grammar.  

We help fill the gaps, learn new and continuously review known grammar optimizing for burning it in your memory. 

Key benefits:
* The grammar points introduced are accompanied by multiple example sentences that reinforce what you have previously learned. With almost endless examples. 
* Each grammar point also includes links to other great free online resources to further your studies and cement what you have learned into memory.
* You also have the ability to review the grammar you have learned using a built-in SRS system. SRS stands for spaces out repetition system, that helps you review the grammar when you would have almost ‘forgotten’ it. An efficient and effective way to memorize things. 
*  The SRS system requires manual input to test your true understanding of the material.
*  Start your grammar studies and track your study progress as you cover all of the grammar points from beginner to advanced. Currently there are only a few levels on the site but we will be adding several levels each week.

We built this because we feel that most of the tools and resources around learning grammar are either quite outdated or leave a lot to desire, making learning grammar more painful than it should be. Ultimately we hope that GrammarGrizzly will benefit you in your studies.

The site is by no means finished and any feedback that you may have to make it better and more useful is greatly appreciated!

It is completely free to try so why not give it a try? You can learn more at  [grammargrizzly.com](http://grammargrizzly.com/) 

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