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瓜田李下 (Guātiánlǐxià)


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瓜田李下 (Guātiánlǐxià) - attract suspicion

Literal meaning - melon farm plum tree bottom

Once upon a time there was a student walking to visit his friend. The student was tired so he decided to take a rest underneath a plum tree. His hat got caught on the tree's branch so he tried to reach for it. The owner of the tree saw him and thought the student was pillaging his tree so he went over and accused the student of stealing his plums. Despite the student saying otherwise, the owner did not believe him. The student had no choice but to run away.

After escaping the owner, the student reached upon a melon farm. He accidentally slipped on a melon skin and tripped causing one of his shoe to slip out. As he was searching for his shoe, the farmer saw him and once again accused him of stealing his melons. Same thing followed suit and the student ran again.

瓜田李下 (Guātiánlǐxià) is used to remind people not to do anything that can arouse suspicion.



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