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屠龍之技 (Túlóngzhī jì)


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屠龍之技 (Túlóngzhī jì) - a useless skill

Literal Meaning - Dragon Slaying Technique

Once upon a time there lived a young man named Chu, he was very ambitious with learning martial arts so he set out with all the gold he's got in search of a martial arts master that has the skill to kill even dragons. His determination paid off when he finally found the master he was looking for. The master was initially reluctant to teach Chu but agreed after being offered all the gold that Chu had. After three years of training, Chu finally mastered the Dragon Slaying Technique. Chu set out on his dragon slaying career only to find out in the end that dragons are extinct.

屠龍之技 (Túlóngzhī jì) is used to describe a knowledge that only sounds awesome but has no practical use in reality.


"你學的只是「屠龍之技」, 根本就不實用! 現在已經沒有人修理錄像帶了"

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