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梧鼠學技 (Wú shǔ xué jì)


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梧鼠學技 (Wú shǔ xué jì) - Jack of all trades, master of none.

Literal meaning - Wu mouse learn skills

A folklore, once upon a time in a forest there lived a lot of animals and one of them was Wu mouse. While Wu mouse was going to work, he saw many many animals were gathering around a tree so he walked up to see what was going on. It seems like the animal kingdom was hiring a chief of police. Wu mouse noticed all the other animals had specialities of their own like how the bird can fly, the monkey can climb trees, and the toad can jump very far and catch flies while he had none. In order to win the position, Wu mouse decided to learn all the other animals skills like climbing, swimming, jumping and even digging tunnels.

Soon the day of appointment arrived, the officers in charge were very impressed with Wu mouse so they appointed Wu mouse as the chief of police. Many months later, the crime rate didn't drop but actually increased so the king summoned Wu mouse to inquire about it. The King was shocked to know that even though Wu mouse knows a lot of skill, he only knew the basics and have no idea how to utilize them.

梧鼠學技 (Wú shǔ xué jì) is used to describe someone that is a jack of all trades but master of none.


A - "你看, 我會說很多語言. Good morning, Selamat Pagi, 早安, おはようございます!"

B - "不錯,再說幾篇來聽聽"

A - "umm, 不會!"

B - "什麼?原來是「梧鼠學技」只會一點點"

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