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There, Their, & They're


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I'm here to give you guys some advice on when to use there, their, & they're. All of the words sound the same, but they are used at different places.

There is used when you are referring to a place. It can also be used to point out the existence of something, or to mention something. When you do use it like those last two ways, you have to use it with the verbs is, am, are, was, and where.

Ex. There is a bakery on the next road.

Look over there.

I can't believe there is no bread left.

Wait over there.

When are there going to be new dishes?

Their is a possessive adjective. You use it when you are indicating that something belongs to someone.

Ex. Their shirt is blue.

Why are their fingers so long?

Just wait until you see how big their house is!

They're is used in place of they are. It's a conjunction of the two words.

Ex. They're so annoying.

Look at these cups, they're just like ours!

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