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  1. How I memorize my words is by repeating it tons of times. After about 5 minutes, the word, definition, and spelling will all be stuck in my head.
  2. It's mostly said to take a bath, or to take a shower. For example, can I take a shower? But you will also sometimes heard it said as to have a shower or to have a bath. For example, can I have a shower? It doesn't sound very good to me, but it is grammatically correct.
  3. I always get extremely stressed out before exams. I'll know all the information right before the exam, but I feel like I forget everything that I learned right before I take it.
  4. I've only been to a few websites that were in a different language, but my browser was able to translate it for me.
  5. I used to have a pen pal last year that lived in France, but the letters always took forever to deliver, so we only were able to send about 8 or so letters to each other.
  6. If I could learn a new language, it would be Japanese. I haven't tried learning it because I think that all the symbols would be hard to learn and write all the time. But I think it'd be really cool to fully learn the whole language.
  7. I've never actually thought of keeping track of my vocab. Now hearing about it, I think that I actually want it. It would be a way to kind of keep me wanting to learn more, I guess. What was the program that you used called?
  8. I don't carry an actual dictionary with me because there's one on my phone. I use it whenever I'm reading or something, and instead of asking someone what it means, I'll just use my dictionary.
  9. I think that I'm in between. I could be a fast reader if I just read through it, but I like to read some lines a couple of times, just because I like to make sure that I understand it completely.
  10. When I watch normal TV shows, I never usually hear any grammar mistakes when watching normal TV, but whenever I watch the news, I hear at least 1.
  11. I don't like it when people use shortcuts. It really gets on my nerves. I use perfect grammar and punctuation as well when texting.
  12. That's really interesting to know. I would've thought that it was a new recent word.
  13. Recently, my favorite book to read have been The Fault in Our Stars. I like The Fault in Our Stars because it has a great story line. It's about a girl with cancer, and I was crying by the end of the book.
  14. I think you might be able to be fluent in only one lesson, but not the whole language.
  15. I live in the United States, so there are tons of languages spoken in my country. People move in from other countries, and people also learn other languages.
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