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暴虎馮河 (Bàohǔpínghé)


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暴虎馮河 (Bàohǔpínghé) - To act without thinking

暴虎 - Fight tiger, 馮河 - Cross river

Confucius had a student called 子路 (Zilù) who was a rash person. He would often act without first thinking about the consequences. One day a war broke out and Confucius was tasked to send one of his students to help the army. He picked Zilù to represent him. Before Zilù set out, Confucius warned him about how a person that is so sure of himself, he'd battle a tiger bare fisted and would cross a river without a boat. What Confucius was trying to tell Zilù was don't be too confident in everything or there'd be trouble.

After some time, news broke out that there had been a coup in the castle. Confucius immediately thought about how Zilù is rash and would get himself into trouble. Confucius was right as Zilù confronted the traitor head on with hundreds of enemies in between. In the end, Zilù was killed in battle.

暴虎馮河 (Bàohǔpínghé) is used to describe a person that is reckless that don't think before one acts.


"冷靜一點吧, 你這樣「暴虎馮河」只懂得衝動,魯莽有用嗎?"

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