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死灰復燃 (Sǐhuīfùrán)


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死灰復燃 (Sǐhuīfùrán) - someone or something returns

死灰 - Dead ash, 復燃 - Reignites

Story goes during the West Han there once was a minister named 韩安国(Hán ānguó) that was wrongly imprisoned. While he was in prison, he met with the jail guard 田甲(Tián jiǎ) that always insulted Han all the time. Tian belittled Han saying the he will never get out of prison because Han thought otherwise.

One day, the emperor has finally found out that Han was innocent and ordered his freedom and restored his position. Tian saw that he was wrong and decided to run away only to get caught by Han's guards. Han didn't kill and let him off with only a warning not to be so arrogant.

死灰復燃 (Sǐhuīfùrán) is used to describe a situation where someone or something that has gone returns.


"你別得意, 我今天給你抓到是我倒楣不過總有一天我會「死灰復燃」。到時候我就讓你好看!"

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