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奇貨可居 (Qíhuòkějū)


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奇貨可居 (Qíhuòkějū) - valuable commodity

奇貨 (Qíhuò) - Valuable Stock, 可居 (kějū) - Worth Storing

During the Warring States, there was a businessman named 呂不韋(Lǚbùwéi). Lu was visiting the Kingdom of Zhao where he met the Prince of Qin, 子楚(Zi chu) who was a hostage of Zhao. Zi was treated badly by Zhao. Upon learning the identity of Zi, Lu decided to help Zi for he saw it as an investment that once Zi became the ruler of Qin, he'd be rewarded. Lu assisted in the escape of Zi and in the end Lu was appointed the Prime Minister of Qin after Zi became the successor to the throne.

奇貨可居 (Qíhuòkějū) is used to describe something or someone worth keeping in hope that someday it will bring favorable returns just like some kind of investment.


"這個股票有潛質, 是「奇貨可居」將來一定會升!"

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