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Language learning for migrants.

Mac Liam Fergusson

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I came to this forum quite recently as someone who was advised to find here tips and additional materials for learning a language. And reading the topics, I remembered how I first came to London when I was sixteen years old. I was an immigrant. And I didn't know the language at all. I had to look for a job to feed myself. Solve legal issues with my status and look for my hometown, where it is dangerous for me to go through passport control.
I needed to learn any valuable language, and it was a matter of survival.

And it occurred to me that now many people are looking for answers to difficult questions.
How can you help an immigrant without money to learn a language?
How to combine work without experience and learning a language?
How are there organizations that can help?

If you have come across this, what would you advise?

The impressions were not very pleasant. I am sure that in 2021 everything will be solved easier.

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Yes, YouTube is now the best resource for language learning. And the most important thing is free. I just read yesterday an essay on emigrants https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/immigration/ in our time. And there was an amazing story of a man who went a long way from a beggar to a big businessman. And he learned the language from a lesson on YouTube. And he started his own business, too, based on free materials on the Internet.

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