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繞樑三日 (Rào liáng sān rì)


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繞樑三日 (Rào liáng sān rì) - Great singing

繞樑 (Rào liáng) - Linger around the beam, 三日(sān rì) - Three days

During the Warring States, there once was a famous singer called 韓娥(Hán é). One day she arrived at the Kingdom of Qi and found herself out of money so she decided to perform for money. Her amazing singing skills attracted many people to donate. Even though the performance has ended three days ago, her singing can still be heard lingering on the beams of the place she performed and the surrounding areas.

繞樑三日 (Rào liáng sān rì) is used to praise someone who sings beautifully.


"張學友的歌聲真的很好聽, 簡直就是「繞樑三日」"

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