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"See" idioms

Denis Hard

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I've been researching some things about sight and stumbled into idioms that use the word see.

See around - see someone often at a place.

                - used when telling someone you'd see them but are uncertain when that will happen.

                - for younger people: [used to end a relationship] it literally means to just see someone

                  and not speak to them.

Be glad to see the back of someone or something - be happy when someone who you don't like

                  leaves or when something you don't like ends.

Let's see  - implies that you are thinking about some suggestion, something. . .whatever.

Any additions?

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A few other "see" idioms I thought of:

- To see sense - to change one's view to one that is correct or reasonable

- To see the light - to realize how things are, gain an understanding or insight into something

- To see the light of day - to come into being (e.g. an idea, a policy, an invention)

- Suck it and see - (mainly US) try something and see what it's like

- Long time no see - self-explanatory (you can say this exact phrase to a friend you haven't seen for a while)

- To see eye to eye with someone - to agree, have the same view

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Yes, there are lots of idioms in English that use the verb to see.

Here are a few I thought of:

See which way the wind is blowing -- To determine the best options or best course of action based on circumstances

Can't see the forest for the trees -- To become too embroiled in details to get the full context or understanding of something.

There are none so blind as those who will not see -- Willfully refusing to face something. 

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"To see something in someone or something" means to see a special quality or qualities in a person, thing or situation.

"To see fit" means to decide to do something.

"To see the daylight" means to understand something or someone.

"To see someone to the door" means to walk someone to the door.

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Other see idioms I came across.

-Can't see straight- unable to get a full understanding of something.

-See for what it is- to get the true meaning of what someone/something really is.


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To 'see through someone' means that they are trying to fool you, or lie to you and that you know the truth about them or about the situation. 

  I'm going to throw 'wait and see' in here too. It is pretty obvious, and I am a bit unsure as to whether or not it actually is an idiom, but the overall meaning to to be patient anf wait for the outcome of something.

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