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嗟來之食 (Jiēláizhīshí)


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嗟來之食 (Jiēláizhīshí) - Insulting Help

嗟來 (Jiēlái) - Handout, 之食 (zhīshí) - Food

Once upon a time there lived a rich man that yearned to be famous. One day, he heard the news that a famine broke out at a nearby village. The rich man thought that his opportunity has arrived, he would hand out food to the villagers in return they will thank him. So he set out and gave free food to the villagers in hope that he could be famous. All the villagers rushed in to be handed food except for one man. The rich man called the villager to come and get his food but the villager refused citing, "I'm not a beggar, I'll not except insincere help. You're not doing this for charity, you're only doing this for yourself. I'll never take this insult." In the end, the vlllager died of starvation.

嗟來之食 (Jiēláizhīshí) is used to describe when someone gives an assistance that is not sincere or outright insulting.


"你不必假裝了, 這種「嗟來之食」我是不會接受的!"

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