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魚目混珠 (Yúmùhùnzhū)


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魚目混珠 (Yúmùhùnzhū) - To pass off a fake as genuine

魚目 (Yúmù) - Fish eye, 混珠 (hùnzhū) - As Pearl

Once upon a time there was a man, 满愿 (Mǎn yuàn) who owned a humongous pearl. He was a stingy person where when his friends came over to take a look he refused. One of his friends got angry and decided to look for another pearl that is larger. A swindler came to know about this and decided to use a giant fish eye, painted it white and sold it to Mǎn yuàn's friend. The friend having thought that he has found a pearl larger than Mǎn yuàn's decided to show it off but unfortunately suffered from stroke on the day of the exhibition. Among his friends were a doctor that said that in order to cure Mǎn yuàn's friend, he'll need to eat a prescription cooked with a pearl. So Mǎn yuàn took the fake pearl that his friend bought and mixed it into the medicine. Mǎn yuàn was shocked to find that the paint on the pearl had come off thus found out that the pearl was indeed a fish eye.

魚目混珠 (Yúmùhùnzhū) is used to describe when something fake is passed off as the real deal.


"你有沒有搞錯, 這個DVD明明就是翻版, 你居然「魚目混珠」當正版來賣!"

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