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Effective English Learning

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Many learners have been forced to consider online teaching platforms as a result of the pandemic. Most of these online schools are more concerned with their bottom line than they are with providing each learner with personalized teaching.I believe that learning a language should be an adventure! Most teaching guides focus on grammar instead of helping the students practice more. I believe that effective language learning should involve a lot of practice. I help my students improve their spoken English by making sure that they practice real-life conversations extensively. Feel free to contact me for lessons including general English, accent reduction, IELTS & TOEFL prep. and medical English.

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Study With Us on Discord for FREE!

Tutoring is the best way to share knowledge with others and earn extra income. When you become a Duals tutor you will help language learners become fluent in the language they are learning and you can also learn their language or make connections with new people. Join the Duals community by signing up to the waiting list: https://bit.ly/3iqku4A. Learn more about Duals by downloading the information sheet: https://bit.ly/37l68fc

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