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南柯一夢 (Nánkēyīmèng)


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南柯一夢 (Nánkēyīmèng) - Life is but a dream.

南柯 (Nánkē) - Title of a folklore, 一夢 (yīmèng) - One dream.

淳于棼 (Chúnyú fén) was drunk one day and he tripped and fell under a tree. He got up and found that the tree has grown huge in size, later his two guards told him that they should leave now because the Emperor has summoned him. Upon meeting the Emperor, the princess fell in love with him and so the Emperor decreed their marriage. Chúnyú fén was happy and decided that he would serve the people good to repay the Emperor's kindness. Time flew and twenty years have passed, Chúnyú fén was old and has two children but his wife passed away due to sickness. He felt upset and sat in his room all day until one day the Emperor appeared and told him that it's time to return to your world. Chúnyú fén was shocked to hear that he wasn't living in the real world. He opened his eyes and saw his servant calling out to him. He then realised that he fell asleep under the tree he tripped on and what happened was all a dream.

南柯一夢 (Nánkēyīmèng) is a philosophical way of saying that our life is nothing but a dream.



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