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愚公移山 (Yúgōngyíshān)


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愚公移山 (Yúgōngyíshān) - Great Determination

Literal meaning - Old man Yu move mountain.

Once upon a time there was a man called 愚公 (Old man Yu) who lived in a secluded area blocked by two huge mountains. Each day Yu had to walk far and long to work. One day he has had it and told his family that they will work to clear the path of the two mountains. Thus, everyday his entire family would work on the mountain bit by bit hoping that can flatten the mountains. A passerby saw this and laughed at Yu saying that Yu's work is only "howling at the moon." Yu then argued back that although he may die but his heirs would carry on his work, so does his heirs' heirs, and so on. Finally, Yu's determination had touched the heavens. The Jade Emperor sent two gods down and have the two mountains removed. From that day onwards, nothing stood in the way of Yu's path.

愚公移山 (Yúgōngyíshān) is used to symbolise great determination.


"我們做什麼都需要毅力跟堅持就像「愚公移山」一樣, 不可以半途而廢."

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