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Define Native Script and React Native

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Making apps for cross platform is not an easy task, especially with a limited budget. Developers have to brainstorm for ideas to develop applications that provide maximum performance and user experience with restricted resources. The innovation of react native and native script made things easier nowadays. Developers can now build seamless mobile applications using single code base.

This article is going to be about the key comparisons and differences between Native Script and React Native’s work, features and which one is more popular among the developers for what possible reasons.

What is Native Script?

It is an open-source framework, that helps in the creation of iOS and Android applications. It was released in 2015 by Telerik by Progress. With a top rating of 3000 stars on GitHub in just two months. Native Script also supports frameworks like Angular and Vue.js.


What is React Native?

React native was also released in 2015, by Facebook and its community developers as an open-source framework. If compared with Native Script, React Native takes the lead in being more popular among the developers for the creation of cross platform mobile applications. And not just that, it is also the most widely used framework worldwide. React Native is written in JavaScript, Java C++, Objective-C, Objective C++ and python programming languages. Top-notch app speed, fast iteration, and hot reloading for improved file refreshment are all advantages of React Native for native app development.

Which popular applications are built on these frameworks?

Although both these frameworks haven’t been in the world of software technology for at least a decade, yet, their popularity is unremarkable. However, both, React Native and Native Script are used to create high-quality mobile apps with the goal of capturing consumers' hearts and minds.

So, here are a few examples of apps built with the frameworks listed above.

Popular NativeScript apps:

1.       California Court Access

2.       Portable North Pole

3.       MyPuma

Examples for famous React Native mobile applications:

1.       Sound cloud

2.       Facebook

3.       Discord

4.       Instagram

5.       Skype

6.       Uber

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