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天衣無縫 (Tiānyīwúfèng)


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天衣無縫 (Tiānyīwúfèng) - Simply perfect.

天衣 (Tiānyī) - Celestial clothes, 無縫 (wúfèng) - Seamless.

郭翰 (Guō hàn) was a very famous tailor. The clothes made by him were all beautifully designed. One day, he organized an event to showcase his clothes claiming that his clothes were fit for the heavens. His arrogance infuriated one of the goddess in the heavens named 織女 (Zhīnǚ), the celestial weaver. She descended to earth and warned Guō hàn not to insult the gods and showed him the true clothings fit for gods, a piece clothes that doesn't have any sewing points and seams. Guō hàn begged Zhīnǚ to leave him the piece of clothing claiming that he wanted admire it but Zhīnǚ warned that ordinary humans shouldn't wear it. Guō hàn ignored the warning and proceeded to wore it in public claiming that he made it. The clothing then disappeared in plain sight and Guō hàn was humiliated.

天衣無縫 (Tiānyīwúfèng) is used to describe something that is perfect.


"這一輛車真的毫無瑕疵, 簡直是「天衣無縫」."

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