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沉魚落雁 (Chényúluòyàn)


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沉魚落雁 (Chényúluòyàn) - Very beautiful girl.

沉魚 (Chényú) - Diving fish, 落雁 (luòyàn) - Descending bird.

An idiom about two beauties that lived in two different times. A very straightforward tale about two of the four great beauties of China, 西施 (Xīshī), and 王昭君 (Wáng zhāojūn). Legend has it that Xīshī liked to wash clothes at the river, whenever she goes to the river the fish always dived into the bottom. Reason was because the fish felt ashamed of themselves under the beauty of Xīshī. Wáng zhāojūn was famous for being sent away for a diplomatic marriage. This happened during her journey where a couple of birds was flying above and they caught a glimpse of Wáng zhāojūn. The birds were so mesmerised by her beauty that they fell to the ground.

沉魚落雁 (Chényúluòyàn) is a compliment to tell a female you meet that they are really beautiful.


"'鍾嘉欣'真的很美, 就像「沉魚落雁」一樣的美."

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