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千金一笑 (Qiānjīn yīxiào)


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千金一笑 (Qiānjīn yīxiào) - Precious smile.

Literal meaning - Thousand gold one smile.

周幽王 (Zhōu yōuwáng) was a brutal emperor that mistakenly killed one of his ministers. The minister's son wanted to avenge his father so he devised a plant. He gifted a beautiful lady to Zhōu because he knew that Zhōu was a pervert. Zhōu was of course delighted but there was one problem, the beauty never smiled and always looked sad. In order to make the beauty happy, Zhōu played a prank on his generals. Zhōu ordered his men to light up the smoke signals. His generals who were guarding the borders saw the signal and quickly rushed to Zhōu's rescue only to find out that they were pranked by their emperor. The beauty saw all this and finally smiled, to Zhōu's much delight. Some time after, Zhōu's kingdom was attacked, he once again order his men to light up the smoke signals but no one ever came to his rescue. The beauty once again smiled and said to Zhōu, "Your time has come, it's time for you to pay for what you've done."

千金一笑 (Qiānjīn yīxiào) is a figure of speech saying that a girl's smile is worth a thousand gold.


"要用到鑽石戒指才能夠讓你開心, 這一次真的是名乎其實的「千金一笑」."

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