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約法三章 (Yuēfǎsānzhāng)


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約法三章 (Yuēfǎsānzhāng) - Simple Terms/Regulations.

Literal meaning - Three laws.

During the end of the Qin Dynasty, the emperor of the rebel alliance 楚懷王 (King Chu huái) made a promise that whoever made it first into 咸陽 (Xiányáng) the capital of Qin will be crowned 關中王 (Emperor of Guānzhōng). The race was between 劉邦 (Liúbāng) and 項羽 (Xiàngyǔ), because Xiàngyǔ strayed from his path and engaged the Qin Army in the Battle of Jùlù, his progress was stalled and so Liúbāng made it first. Once inside the capital, Liúbāng having witnessed the ridiculous laws that were set by 秦始皇 (Qínshǐhuáng) decided to remove all of them and only set three simple rules: death for murderers, prison for assaults, and prison for thievery. His move won him the heart and trust of the citizens of Xiányáng.

約法三章 (Yuēfǎsānzhāng) means to make simple rules and regulations.


"我現在跟你「約法三章」, 如果你測驗合格的話我就買遊戲機給你."

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