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沐猴而冠 (Mù hóu ér guàn)


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沐猴而冠 (Mù hóu ér guàn) - Appearance can't hide true nature.

沐猴 (Mù hóu) - Showered monkey, 而冠 (ér guàn) - wears crown.

After Xiang Yu successfully taken over Xian Yang city from Liu Bang and crowned himself The Conqueror of West Chu (西楚霸王). He felt that he should return to his hometown Peng City (彭城). He decided to move the capital of his kingdom from Xian Yang city to Peng city. One of his officials was worried that it'd be a waste of public funds so he objected to the idea. They got into a heated argument, out of anger the official called Xiang Yu, (沐猴而冠), saying that Chu people will always be Chu people, didn't matter what they wore, they were still savages in nature. Xiang Yu was infuriated and ordered to have that official penalise with the sentence of cooked to death.

沐猴而冠 (Mù hóu ér guàn) is used as a mockery meaning that clothes can't hide a person's nature.


"粗人就是粗人, 無論穿什麼衣服也是粗人一個. 這就是叫「沐猴而冠」."

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