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明修棧道, 暗道陳倉 (Míng xiū zhàndào, àndào chéncāng)


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明修棧道, 暗道陳倉 (Míng xiū zhàndào, àndào chéncāng) - A decoy to a greater plan.

明修棧道 (Míng xiū zhàndào) - Fixing zhan path on the surface.

暗道陳倉 (àndào chéncāng) - Secret path at Chen Cang.

After Xiang Yu successfully defeated Qin and crowned himself the Conqueror of West Chu, he was angry at Liu Bang for breaking his promise that he will wait for Xiang Yu before entering Xian Yang city. He banished Liu Bang and his army into the secluded area of Ba Shu (巴蜀) where the only way in and out is a long narrow pathway called Zhan Dao (棧道). In order for Xiang Yu to let his guard down, Liu Bang ordered his men to burn down Zhan Dao to show that he has no wish to return to Xian Yang city. Unbeknownst to Xiang Yu, there was another tiny path called Chen Cang (陳倉) that can access Ba Shu. Han Xin (韓信), Liu Bang's supreme commander ordered his general XiaHou Ying (夏侯嬰) to repair Zhan Dao as a decoy while secretly his other general Fan Kuai (樊噲) opened up a huge pathway on Chen Cang for Liu Bang's army to pass. The news of the restoration on Zhan Dao made Xiang Yu believe that it would take Liu Bang years before they can get out of Ba Shu. Han Xin managed to catch Xiang Yu off guard with this and conquered two cities belonged to Xiang Yu.

明修棧道, 暗道陳倉 (Míng xiū zhàndào, àndào chéncāng) is used to describe a situation where someones uses a decoy or distraction to cover up the true plan.


"果然好聰明,「明修棧道,暗道陳倉」說要去補, 其實是去看電影."

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