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推陳出新 (Tuīchénchūxīn)


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推陳出新 (Tuīchénchūxīn) - Innovative.

Literal meaning - Discard the old and produce new ones.

When Liu Bang was banished into Ba Shu, he developed the place into a prosperous agricultural area. This resulted in oversupply of rice which caused them to rot and a lot of them have been wasted. After Han Xin joined Liu Bang, he was first given the position of the head of granary. Han Xin heard of this problem on his first day and he thought up a way to rectify the situation. He opened up two doors, named one "in" and one "out." He ordered them to use up the old rice first before moving in new rice. "Out" to send out the old stock and "in" for new stock. This method was the first of its kind at the time and solved Liu Bang's oversupply problem. This method is called "推陳出新."

推陳出新 (Tuīchénchūxīn) is used describe something new and innovative.



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