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Can anyone recommend some exercises to practice conjugating in the subjunctive?


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I have a lot of trouble using the subjunctive and often find myself rephrasing the entire sentence because I can't conjugate one verb! It's so frustrating. Are there any tools that can help me focus on fixing that? Thanks!

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i had a problem with this as well but now i'm really good. we all sort of tend to ignore the subjunctive and assume its difficult but i can assure you you'll get the hang of it if you start to practise. what you should do is go on yahoo answers mexico and read the questions and answers there and you'll understand how they're used. that's how i learnt them.

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You can try studyspanish.com

It's an amazing site I use to practice my Spanish. Here's a link: http://www.studyspanish.com/verbs/lessons/pressubj.htm

There are lots of other exercises too! All the best!

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