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  1. Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry. Simple, yet tough!
  2. I have to, in my native language too, so don't fret. Grammar is tough to remember, we just tend to "know" it. I'm learning Spanish and I have to constantly look up what some grammar terms mean (preterite, anyone?)
  3. No, I've noticed nothing of the sort... Where did you get this from?
  4. I've read all the books. I'd suggest you read the first one, and maybe the second. That's all. No point wasting your time with the others. The style is unique. He gets your attention with his dry, sardonic humour, but once the style grows on you - there's no point.
  5. Salut! A pleasure to have you here (c'est un plaisir tendre vous ici). My french isn't great, but I try to do what I can! Maybe we can help each other, yeah? Let me know. Cheers,
  6. I cringe when I hear terms like "LOL" and "OMG" being used in daily conversation too, but the sad truth is, that is what makes English special! This is how the language has always evolved and always will. It grows and blends as people speak it since it doesn't have an institution to "preserve" the language the way French or Spanish does. And that's what makes it great!
  7. It's better than nothing. It gets idiomatic expressions horribly wrong, but word-for-word, is a pretty good translator. I use it pretty often, though sometimes it leads me astray.
  8. Listening to Julieta Venegas has helped my Spanish quite a bit. Her songs are peppy, upbeat and fun too, while being easy to understand. I'd recommend her songs to anyone learning the language.
  9. Tolkien's Elvish (Quenya?). I didn't try learning it, but I remember using an online tool that would let me write stuff in that language. I inscribed a few birthday cards for friends in Quenya because I thought it would be cool. Needless to say, they didn't understand it.
  10. The princess bride (the 80s movie) has some great quotes. "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." "HE DIDN'T FALL? INCONCEIVABLE. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Hilarious and a part of pop culture now.
  11. I think we don't need any more languages, rather we need some involvement in the languages already present. I'm trying to generate some interest and activity in the Spanish forums, but it's not very easy. I think the number of forums that are present may have something to do with it, diluting activity.
  12. Hey! I hope you enjoy your stay here. The spanish forums are pretty dead, so it would be great if you could post there and help out! Glad to have a Spanish learner around. See you!
  13. Hi, Are you still looking for someone to learn English with? Puedo ayudarte con tu ingles, hablo un poco de espanol. Gracias!
  14. Tough to think of a "stupid" reason to learn a language, but, I guess if you were learning it for the sole purpose of passing an examination or a test, I would find that pretty stupid. Language is meant to be learned for the joy it gives, for communication and for its beauty.
  15. I used to think that feature would be very useful too, but frequently I find words that aren't used a lot being chosen. This probably would still lead to an expanded vocabulary, but not a very useful one. Their app still has loads of other great features though - like the mini games!
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