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  1. Well, the next language I would like to learn would be spanish. This is due to the reason that I have always been fascinated by the Spanish culture and traditions. I am also a big fan of the Spanish La Liga which is one of the most popular football leagues in the world.
  2. Well there are some idioms which are pretty famous and almost every english speaker knows about them. And these were the idioms which I first learned. Some of them include, A stitch in time saves nine, which teaches about the value of time and too many cooks spoil the broth, which means that too many people doing a single thing end up doing badly.
  3. I have been using the Dictionary.com app for a while now and I have to say that I am impressed by its performance and features which it offers. The feature I love the most is where they highlight a new interesting word everyday on their main page. And due to this feature, I have been able to learn a lot of new words and strengthen my vocabulary.
  4. I have a liking for the Irish and the South American accents. I like the Irish accent, due to the certain amount of rawness it brings while pronunciation of certain words. It is commonly referred to as the Irish brogue. I like the South American accent because the way the speakers roll their R's while pronouncing words like Rollers, etc
  5. English is not my first language so, I have not achieved the amount of fluency which the native speakers do. This is the reason due to which I occasionally make mistakes while having conversations with my friends in English. Though I continuously try to weed out the mistakes from my language.
  6. A lot of word processing software these days come in with a built-in spell checker. These are able to do all the required amount of checking which a normal person could require. But sometimes for a special set of users, these are not able to do the job quite up to the mark. For them there are a variety of spell checkers on the internet like Schaudin.com and TeXclipse's spell checker which cater to a set of specific needs.
  7. English speakers all around the world use a mix of literal and figurative language in order to communicate their thoughts with other people. There is no general criteria as to in which proportion these languages are used by the people. People who are generally related to the arts tend to speak more in hyperbole, while the people of scientific community tend to use a more literal form of language.
  8. To is a preposition and is used to link the noun, pronouns or phrases to other words in the sentence. Too is an adverb which means that something is in a higher quantity then the desirable amount. Two is the number two an integer which is used to denote a specific quantity.
  9. There are a lot of words in English which are generally spelled wrong by the general public. These words are spelled wrong due to the confusion which is caused by the similarity in the pronunciation of different spellings of that single word. The most commonly mistaken words include receive and center.
  10. I generally find homonyms very interesting. These are the words which are spelled and pronounced similarly but have different meanings when used in different situations. For instance, the word bear is used for denoting the animal species when used as a noun and when it is used as a verb it means that you are putting up with or tolerating something. There are a number of homonyms which exist in the English language.
  11. There is not much difference in the meanings of 'smart' and 'elegant'. Smart is more used in relation to one's appearance while elegant is used in terms of ones mannerisms and the way he presents itself. In my opinion, this is the main difference in the meanings of the two words.
  12. English is an easy language phonetically. It only has a few words which are difficult to pronounce. The ones which I find difficult to pronounce include, Otolaryngology and entrepreneurship. These are the words which I struggle with sometimes.
  13. If you want to learn new words fast and effectively, I would recommend you to start learning meaning of new words that you might come across. And you should try to use these new words in the various mediums of communication you might use in your daily life. The sooner you start familiarizing yourself with these new words, you will start noticing a increase in the depth of your vocabulary.
  14. I always try to refer to my dictionary when I come across a new word in my day-to-day life. Due to this practice, I have developed a strong vocabulary and it has also improved my command of the English language. I would recommend everybody to keep a dictionary nearby and refer to it for meanings of new words which you may come across.
  15. It is very important that you are able to spell words correctly while using written means of communication. This is due to the fact that sometimes misspelled words may convey the wrong meaning to the recipient. It also causes frustration to the reader. The reason for degrading quality of spelling these days is mostly the haste with which people type/write their messages.
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