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  1. I often come across a lot of words that to me are really spelt wrong such as centre. I really feel that it should be senter. I guess enlish is not a phonetic language and so we should not make it so. But it would be nice to hear words that others find the spelling to not be so amusing.
  2. apogee - It means a point at which the moon is farthest from the earth. It sounds cool but it is definitely a phrase that most people would not use.
  3. I use the webwords dictionary. Its a nice free app available for my iphone which makes it really easy to access for me and so that is my go to guide.
  4. Miscellaneous: Not only do I seem to not to be able to remember this word, I also have to check the spelling in a dictionary. It's a very useful word but its form simply prevents me from using it.
  5. A really funny thing for me is watching my friends go to another country for about a week and come back with a completely different accent. I have never been able to lose my accent because i love it. I have however always wondered how does one get a new accent.
  6. Conglomerate to me is a really funny word when used in a certain context. It has this seriousness about it that really should not be there. Especially when you realize that it has a real average meaning.
  7. I was looking at this discussion and feeling like the phrase none of us needs a car just does not sit well for me and so if you would have asked me, I would have gone with my gut feeling which would have been the latter.
  8. Being someone privileged to speak a number of languages, i have come to find that English is actually the other way round. An example is....there is a red car. If this was said in another language it would be car first and then the color hence me saying English does things backwards.
  9. I love using some classy old school english and so in a lot of my writing i will incorporate upon as opposed to on just to make my writing stand out and seem as though it is of a high standard.
  10. I do not really see it as something that should confuse people but I think that general ignorance and not understanding how to phrase sentences is usually the main issue. But at the end of the day it is pretty straight forward.
  11. A taste of your own medicine is an idiom that i picked up quite early. Idioms were quite natural as my dad was a very sarcastic guy and had a very unique expression. So idioms and interesting phrases were always pretty cool for me.
  12. Because idioms can have multiple meanings, i think they are really confusing if you haven't been introduced to them or taught them. They are usually mistaken for general knowledge but this is clearly seen when you meet someone who speaks English, but is from another culture. They have to be introduced or taught the new way of understanding your idiom.
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