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  1. Lol, I just asked my mom and my first words were "Food" and "Hallo" never knew it was those two words and it made me laugh
  2. I read body language sometimes and I can be pretty sure what they really want, and I read their faces too which is their reaction.
  3. Thanks for the welcome andre-nunes I hope I would learn a lot from you and specially to other members.
  4. You can mostly chat online with japanese people and see if they are truly worth it. You can easily learn a lot of japanese phrases and text in there and it would probably help you learn to conversate with other japanese.
  5. Well, I learned it so, I would understand anime a little bit more rather than having to read subs. :nerd:
  6. Ok, now I will post some little Japanese words that you need to know if you ever get to Japan. kon'nichiha or konchia = Hello, Good day (daytime greeting) ogenkidesuka = How are you? ikunai nihongo = Bad or Not good at japanese. Well, this is what I can share for today I hope I post some more tomorrow.
  7. www.gingersoftware.com I used this software last month and it was very effective! It helped me fix my grammars and stuff and it's not bad to use this. It will probably help you more on your journey on having a perfect grammar.
  8. After I learn japanese I would definitely love to learn a little Spanish or Italian because I want their accent and their accents are a chick magnet to for me. Shigana (I would like) to get some girls
  9. "Learn to live by love" That's actually my own quote and I have been living on with it. Wara (lol)
  10. :amazed: Hello guys! I am new to this foramu (forum) and I hope I see more languages from you guys I really wanted to learn japanese but, I am still learning a little.
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