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狐假虎威 (Hújiǎhǔwēi)


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狐假虎威 (Hújiǎhǔwēi) - Use others power for self gains.

Literal meaning - Fox use Tiger's might.

Once upon a time there lived a tiger which was really hungry so it went in search of prey. The tiger met with a fox an tried to eat it. The fox stopped the tiger claiming that it was the king of jungle and can't be killed. The tiger didn't believe the fox so the fox asked the tiger to follow it around the jungle and see how it is feared by all. It was indeed true that all the other animals ran in fear when they saw the fox, and the tiger apologized. The truth was, the animals were afraid because of the tiger and not the fox but the tiger was too foolish to notice.

狐假虎威 (Hújiǎhǔwēi) is used to describe someone that uses others prowess for personal benefits.



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