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盲人瞎馬 (Mángrén xiā mǎ)


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盲人瞎馬 (Mángrén xiā mǎ) - Dangerous situation.

Literal meaning - Blind man, blind horse.

Once upon a time there were four buddies having a meal together. Buddy A started one discussion about what kind of situation was the most dangerous. Buddy B answered that cooking with a sword was the most dangerous while Buddy D answered an old man climbing a tree was the most dangerous. Buddy A was skeptical and asked what Buddy C thought. Buddy C was too busy chowing down the food that he never gave it any thoughts. Upon pushed by others, Buddy C finally thought one up. He described a situation where a blind man was riding a blind horse and there were headed right to the edge of the cliff. Beneath it was a deep chasm and roaring sea. The man and the horse are about to reach the edge and ... . Buddy C's story made them shrivel and sweat. All of them agreed that indeed Buddy C's situation was the most dangerous.

盲人瞎馬 (Mángrén xiā mǎ) is as it implies, means to be in a very dangerous situation.


"你一點裝備都沒有就去打老虎. 似乎「盲人瞎馬」一點."

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