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螳臂擋車 (Táng bì dǎngchē)


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螳臂擋車 (Táng bì dǎngchē) - Doesn't know own's limits.

Literal meaning - Mantis arm against carriage.

Once upon a time, there lived a mantis that thought very highly of itself. One day the mantis came across a bunch of ants trying to cross the road but the ants weren't able to because there were too many horse carriages crossing it. The mantis thought that it could stop the carriages offered to help. It walked into the path of a running carriage and got killed.

螳臂擋車 (Táng bì dǎngchē) is used to describe someone that doesn't know ones own limits and wants to go up against huge odds.


"你這樣的身手,想跟李小龍比, 簡直是「螳臂擋車」."

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