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圖窮匕現 (Tú qióng bǐ xiàn)


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圖窮匕現 (Tú qióng bǐ xiàn) - The truth is finally revealed.

Literal meaning - Map ends dagger shows.

This is from one of the famous historical attempted assassination of the King of Qin (荊軻刺秦). Jing Ke was sent by the Kingdom of Yan to assassinate Ying Zheng who was the ruler of Qin during the Seven Warring States. In order for Jing Ke to close in on Ying Zheng, he brought a map of Yan saying that he represented Yan as an envoy of surrender. As he slowly rolled open the map, a dagger was concealed at the end. Jing Ke pulled out the dagger from the map and attempted to kill Ying Zheng with it but failed.

圖窮匕現 (Tú qióng bǐ xiàn) means that when something reaches the end, the truth will be revealed.



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