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熟能生巧 (Shúnéngshēngqiǎo)


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熟能生巧 (Shúnéngshēngqiǎo) - Practice makes perfect.

Literal meaning - Familiarity brings skill.

Once upon a time there was one archer that boasted about how good he was with the bow. He could shoot down a twig 100 feet away. A passer by who was an oil merchant saw this and said that it was nothing special, what was needed was practice. The archer got angry and challenged the oil merchant but was denied because the oil merchant said that he didn't know archery. Instead, he asked the archer if he could pour oil from one bottle to the next if the archer was indeed as sharp eyed as he claimed. The oil merchant took a coin and placed it on top of the bottle's opening and asked the archer to pour oil through the tiny hole. The archer failed miserably but the oil merchant did flawlessly so the archer asked the oil merchant how he did it and the oil merchant answered, "practice makes perfect, just like your archery skill."


"做一件事, 只要你不斷的練習. 自然就會「熟能生巧」越來越精."

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