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One of the games I enjoyed most as a kid, a time that there was no internet and tablets yet, was playing word games like find the word - which is the one I found most enjoyable. I still do enjoy word games today because of it, and my friends and I still even like to talk about and share brain teasers with each other and a few of them are language/word related because it's one of the more accessible topics.

One that I found very memorable was when I was asked to cite examples of words that don't have vowels, which I have to admit stumped me for a good few minutes until I realized that words like "gym" exist. I enjoy these types of challenges because I feel my brain getting stimulated each time.

Do you guys have any favorite language based games, both old or new?

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Shiritori is a nice word chain game to test your Japanese vocabulary and knowledge in spelling. It is a word game in which players take turns to say words, each of which begins with the final letter/character of the previous player's word. The first letter/character of the word must be the same as the last letter/character of the previous player's word. Of course, there is a time limit for every turn so a participant must think quickly. The game ends if one player fouls by choosing a word ending in the character "n" (ん) as no Japanese word begins with that character or if a player cannot think of another word.

The game is actually going global as it is no longer limited to Japanese, though there are some variation to the rules as other languages have their own versions of fouls (a word ending with a letter that no words begins with).

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