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  1. I use binaural beats these days and I'm telling you that they are super effective for focus. And it will help you absorb the languages you want to learn. Listen to one for like an hour and see the results.
  2. This is a Filipino one: Minikaniko ni Monica ang Makina ni Monico. Have fun!
  3. I don't know books about this. But there are YouTube videos now that can teach you these. Try sign language tutorials on YouTube. I am sure they have it.
  4. Haha yes I know this book. I actually haven't bought any of these stuff. It seems effective though. I browsed on them in the bookstore and they seem legit!
  5. What are the many ways to say "I am yours" in different languages? I'll start with Filipino and that is- Ako ay sa iyo. I find it really romantic. If you know a different language, share your meaning to this.
  6. I have long been intrigued on being a linguist and it has always been my passion to get to know other cultures and customs. I do love communicating. And I am eager to learn more so I'm into language studying.
  7. This is a good idea. Also, try to watch some TV shows. That will help you a lot too with the accents.
  8. This much is true. My structure I guess is simple and easy. I just really communicate with lots of people who speak the English language. This is how I hone my skills.
  9. This is my first time to encounter it. I am willing to discover this and play with my friends. Sounds cool!
  10. Yes but sometimes autocorrect can really bring out the worst on my messages. Haha It's funny! I had to disable that on my phone.
  11. I don't have one but after reading this thread, I should create one. This inspires me to learn more languages. I so want to be fluent in so many languages.
  12. I think I'm willing to pay $15 for an hour of learning. If it was that good, I'm willing to pay for more. I don't think it's a bad deal at all.
  13. I like the ones that could translate accurately and also with grammar suggestions. I always have a pocket one if I go traveling. I also love if they have the slangs or street versions of the words. That always helps.
  14. I have not tried it. But I think it could work too. I prefer audio visual materials for a new language. That has always been more effective for me.
  15. I am annoyed too and it's often hard now to understand what do they really mean especially if they do the whole acronyms thing. Seriously, that gets in my nerves at times. I'm like, just please spell them out. :cry:
  16. I become more fluent if I study one language at a time. It's hard for me to concentrate if they are all at once in my head. I can't multitask my mind like that I guess.
  17. If you are new in a country I would say yes. But you don't need to bring the bulky ones these days when you have your cellphone. There is an app now where you can download it.
  18. I find it hard sometimes to forget what I've learned. It's not that easy for me to unlearn things. But if this is the case, practice is just the key.
  19. I'm a fast learner and I learn fast through listening and watching. Although I could say that I'm more an audio learner as I pick up stuff like a sponge when I listen to it. I am also a visual learner.
  20. I really make an effort to have at least 30 minutes a day. I keep an good study habit ever since high school. Learning new things is fun when you keep it.
  21. I do love the Egyptians way but then I came to love the modern way on how we do it. It is more clear and it doesn't require artistic skills. I mean, it's cool if you can write in Egyptian but for me who can only draw stick figures, I'm afraid I might convey my message wrong.
  22. I think everybody has become smarter now. Especially with the help of Google. Everybody could just type anything on the search engine and know the answer to it quick!
  23. It depends on what the original language is though. But it's way better if read that way. A lot of words could change along the way during its translation.
  24. I will never forget my teacher back on the 2nd grade and she's my math teacher. She literally threw blackboard erasers at me and my classmate because we were talking during the class. And we weren't really even that loud! Omg it was traumatizing!
  25. Interesting. I'm kinda afraid to click it because it might be a spam. But can you at least tell what is this audition for?
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