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Hungry? What to say at a restaurant.


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Hello Everyone!

Всем привет!

Travellers are bound to visit a restaurant or two when visiting a foreign country, and Russia may not be an exception. After all, we are all human, we all have to eat.

So, what do you say if you are at a restaurant and are trying to make yourself comfortable.

Где я могу вымыть руки? - Where can I wash my hands?

If you are not in the mood of going through the menu written in a foreign language, but would dill like to get something decent, you may always ask a server:

Что вы порекомендуете? - What would you recommend?

More often than not you will get the best dishes usually served at that place.

Это блюдо пригорело. - This is burnt!  - Let's hope you won't need to send you plate back to the kitchen, but what if... You'd need to know how to say it!

Это блюдо холодное. - This is cold!

Могу я поговорить с хозяином? - May I speak with the owner? - You may not have much luck with this request, but who knows...

And at the very end you'll need to say :

Счет, пожалуйста! - The bill, please!  - and smile :)

I do hope, your experience at a russian restaurant will be a pleasant one and you won't have to ask the server to exchange your plate: Поменяйте это, пожалуйста!

Make sure to try

Блины - Pancakes

Икра - Caviar

Пельмени - Pelmeni (not Perogi)

Салат Оливье - The Russian Salad, as it is called everywhere outside of Russia.

Bon Appetit! = Приятного аппетита!

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Hello russian pianist! Your post is really interesting and useful! It is actually the truth that some dishes in Russia do not have equivalents worldwide. So your post is nice.

Also, I would add that dumplings is вареники (vareniki) for Russian.

Good luck! :happy2:

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Oh, food...russian food...only when you are away and cannot get some buckwheat (гречневая каша) for dinner you start to appreciate it.

I encourage all those travelling to Russia to try Russian sweats:

Зефир - a little like marshmallos but tastes sooooo much better

Шоколад - Chocolate is waaaay creamier and does not have traces of soy




all these little pleasure will make your time!

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Interesting post. This information will certainly benefit those who which to visit Russia but are not so familiar with the language. I've never visited Russia and so far I've only had chocolate from there.

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I'll never get tired to say I really love your posts, but it seems you are no longer active in the forum, russian_pianist :(  I hope you come back soon, your posts and overall effort are really appreciated!  I'm starting to dig in more and more the idea of learning Russian once I'm done learning dutch! Thanks to you :)

Thanks for another great post!

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Also what I used when I was in Russia was:

Мне пожалуйста... - I'd have... *add whatever you are ordering*

Можно счёт, пожалуйста? - Can I have the bill please?

Also, a lot of leaflets are handed out on the street with special orders. For example I got a "buy 2, pay for 1 meal" card on the street for a sushi restaurant called Eurazia. I didn't really understand how the card worked, so I had to ask the card worked, so

У меня такая карточка, как это работает? - I have this card, how does this work?

Если я закажу одну, второе будет безплатно? - If I order one, the second one will be for free?

Заказ - order (noun)

Заказать - to order

(Feel free to correct my Russian, I know I might have problems with grammar)

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