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Kansai dialect

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So yeah, would you take the extra mile and try learning the Kansai dialect once you already reached the conversational level of Hyojungo? I mean, might as well try it while we are at it, right? (>_<)

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I've actually tried to learn Kansai-ben a little while I was learning 'standard' dialect. I gave up after about 2 weeks though because I was starting to mix them up.

I might go back to it once I master the standard dialect. I'm interested in different dialects so even if I don't learn to speak it, I'd still like to study them and find the differences.

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Learning a new dialect isn't half as difficult as you'd think. I picked up Hakata-ben (Fukuoka dialect) in just a few weeks while studying in Fukuoka. The essentials of the language are all the same, and only casual speech changes. Now, Kansai-ben is probably more difficult because the pronunciation and intonation are more different from hyoujungo than hakata-ben is. But if you're going to be spending time in the Kansai region, I'd say you should absolutely give it a shot.

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