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畫龍點睛 (Huà lóng diǎn jíng)


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畫龍點睛 (Huà lóng diǎn jíng) - Make things even better.

Literal meaning - draw dragon with eyes.

Once upon a time there lived a famous artist. One day the artist was summoned by the emperor to draw a picture of a dragon. The artist initially refused citing that bad things can happen but eventually agreed after the emperor threatened to have him executed. Soon the painting was done, but the emperor was furious because the dragon did not have irises. The artist said that dragons can't be painted with irises because the dragons would come alive. The emperor laughed hearing it and insisted that the artist drew the irises. The dragon in the painting indeed came alive and flew away after the artist included the irises in the painting.

畫龍點晴 (Huà lóng diǎn qíng) means to add something to an already great thing to make it perfect.



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