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狼子野心 (Lángzǐyěxīn)


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狼子野心 (Lángzǐyěxīn) - Wild Ambition.

Literal Meaning - Wolf Wild Heart.

Once upon a time a wealthy man found to two wolf cubs and decided to keep them as pets. The wealthy man's butler warned that wolves should not be kept as pets as they belonged to the wild but the wealthy man didn't listen. After a period of the the pair of cubs grew up into adult wolves. One day, the butler told the wealthy man that their chickens had been missing. The rich man thought that it was his pair of dogs that stole them so he had them caged.

Later that day, while the wealthy man was asleep the pair of wolves crept up on him wanting to eat him. His pair of dogs saw this and broke out of the cage and killed the pair of wolves. The butler arrived and saw this, he told the wealthy man, "I told you so, wolves are wild at heart."

狼子野心 (Lángzǐyěxīn) means someone that has sinister intent and bad ambitions.


"元帥, 劉邦此人「狼子野心」, 你絕對不能跟他議和."

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