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兩敗俱傷 (Liǎngbàijùshāng)


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兩敗俱傷 (Liǎngbàijùshāng) - Double K.O.

Literal Meaning - Both lose and hurt.

During the Warring States, Kingdoms Qi and Yi were about to battle each other. Qi's advisor knew it was a bad idea as both kingdoms were equally matched. In order to persuade Qi to stop with the plan, the advisor told King Xuan (齊宣王) a story that went, "In the forest, two dogs were talking with each other about a cunning rabbit. Dog A told Dog B that Rabbit was very quick and hard to catch but Dog B said that it was the fastest hunting dog so no rabbit was too quick for him. Suddenly, Rabbit jumped out from nowhere and taunted Dog B to chase Rabbit. Rabbit was indeed very quick so Dog B had a hard time chasing it down. Both of them ran and ran and ran for days until one day both Dog B and Rabbit collapsed and died due to exhaustion." King Xuan changed his mind after listening to the advisor's story.

兩敗俱傷 (Liǎngbàijùshāng) means two equal sides fighting will eventually lead to both losing in the end.



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