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走馬看花 (Zǒumǎkànhuā)


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走馬看花 (Zǒumǎkànhuā) - Treat something carelessly.

Literal Meaning - Walking horse look at flower.

A long, long time ago there lived a young a man who was tall, dark, and handsome but he had an imperfection, he was a limp. One day, he went to a dating agency hoping to look for a wife. The young man's criteria was a perfect girl. The employee claimed that he had found one for the young man. The young man worried that the girl will refuse if she saw that he was a limp so the employee came up with an idea to mask that. The next day, the employee brought the young man who rode on a horse to meet the girl. The girl held a rose up, the young man say that the girl was indeed very beautiful so he asked the employee to set up the wedding immediately. During the night of the wedding, it was revealed that the girl actually had a distorted nose which was covered up by the rose she held. Both the young man and the girl complained that they lied to each other in the end.

走馬看花 (Zǒumǎkànhuā) is used to describe someone carelessly jumps into conclusion without further discovery.


"你沒有檢查清楚就買了這部車,你看有缺憾. 你這樣「走馬看花」草草了事怎麼行呢?"

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