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東施效顰 (Dōngshīxiàopín)


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東施效顰 (Dōngshīxiàopín) - Copycat

Literal meaning - Dong Shi Mimics Frown(顰).

During the Warring States there lived a beauty named Xi Shi and an ugly named Dong Shi. People will often run away whenever they saw Dong Shi because she was ugly. One day while Dong Shi was walking on the street, she saw a huge crowd gathering. It turned out that everyone was looking at Xi Shi. Xi Shi was not feeling well so she frowned but that wasn't the reason people were looking. Dong Shi thought that people were attracted to the way Xi Shi frowned so Dong Shi decided to copy Xi Shi. Dong Shi started to frown all day and that startled everyone causing them to ran away in fear.

東施效顰 (Dōngshīxiàopín) means nothing more than a copycat.


"Flappy Bird 那麼有名,我也要「東施效顰」有樣學樣,設計一個遊戲."

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